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Florian Wilkes’s application for a doctorate in law was accepted by the Freie Universität - Berlin, in the person of Prof. Klaus Adomeit, on the basis of his having achieved his Bavarian honours degree with distinction. His topic, within legal philosophy, was a comparison between John Rawls and Ronald Dworkin, the resulting dissertation being entitled:

“John Rawls, Theory of Justice and Ronald Dworkin, Thesis of Rights - Positions of a New American Philosophy of Law between Liberalism, Utilitarianism, Positivism and Natural Law”. Published in Frankfurt am Main, 1997, Peter Lang, Europäische Hochschulschriften II/2146.

At the end of the 1980s the practical communism has come to an end in Europe. The theory of real socialism has lost much of its importance. Young democracies, which struggle with economic, social and legal problems, have emerged. Where could these new beginnings find their intellectual foundation? What is more appropriate than looking at the oldest functioning democracy? Are we better off looking at America? An examination of the philosophical approaches of the American legal philosophy of Rawls and Dworkin is expected to be of help.




“Driving aptitude in the event of illness, injury, old age and under the influence of drugs (legal and illegal)  or alcohol. A guide for legal and medical use”.
Edited by W. Fries/F. Wilkes/H. Lössl., W. Zuckschwerdt Verlag, Munich - Vienna - New York, 2002 

The extent to which the mobility in Germany has grown necessitates both tightest legal regulations as well as defined medical foundations. The reconciliation of traffic safety and freedom of traffic requires all the knowledge and skill of legal and medical personnel. The problem of driving in the event of injury or illness is represented in an excerpt from this issue. The team of editors has therefore aimed at producing a guidebook which can be put into the hands of public authorities, physicians, the people affected, holders of a driving licence, lawyers etc. Following a successful first edition by the Zuckschwerdt-Verlag, Munich, 2002, the second edition was published in 2008 by the renowned C. H. Beck- Verlag (Munich). The first edition was very positively reviewed in numerous specialised periodicals, among which the DAR (ADAC) and the NJW (New Juridical Weekly Magazine).

“A capable team of authors- constituted of experienced lawyers and physicians, all of them proven experts in their respective fields- examines the complex material from the legal as well as from the medical point of view: Thus, after a definition of the driving ability the road user’s duty of self-examination and the doctor’s duty to inform the concerned are discussed. Another subject in the legal part of the book is the provision of the law concerning the legal liability in the event of accidents. What follows are instructive explanations concerning the authorities’ assessment of the driving ability as well as the bestowing and the revoking of the driving licence. (…) On the whole, this guide proves an extremely well-founded work which unites both the merits of a useful reference book and of a precious guide.” (Dr. jur. Dietmar Boerner, Bayreuth)


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